Robert Briscoe | Artist | Developer

Nuclear Dawn

Environment Artist & Designer | Source Engine | 2004-2007

The Game

Nuclear Dawn started life as a modification for Valve’s Source engine that combined First Person Shooter action with fast-paced Real Time Strategy in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war. This was my second map for the Source engine, and my first major foray into producing assets for the engine from scratch, alongside trying my hand at level design. During my time on Nuclear Dawn I learned a great deal about game design, lighting, playtesting, graphics and optimisation.

From Mod to Retail

Around 2007 Nuclear Dawn was picked up by indie studio Interwave who have since taken it to a full commercial release. Although my map (ND_Russia) did not make it to the final retail version, many of my assets were still used extensively in other maps. A modified version of my map is now also featured in the Off-Limits mod.



Below is a gallery of images from ND_Russia, the map I worked on for a few years whilst on the team and which showcases a lot of the content I built during it's development.